Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weigh In week 2

120.8kg, not going so well this week, not a very good loss, too much snacking n bread i think, thought i was going to do ok though as ive started Zumba but obviously 4 sessions not quite enough, will start keeping a food diary so I can see where im going wrong - also better stop baking when I am bored - hmmmm maybe thats it! Thi week will be better! Small changes one step at a time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

First Weigh In

121.3kg! Down 2kg and I didnt think I was doing very well this week! I think I may even be able to beat that next weigh day! Been busy at work which helps! Feeling good about It all so far - need to do more exercise though!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The night before my first weeks weigh in, Im starting to worry I may not have done as well as I like to think! My eating has been much better than usual - but havent managed to get a good exercise plan going - looking forward to my zumba dvds arriving!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy week

I am exhausted! So many ups and downs working remote! Delivered a baby on Tuesday, very rewarding experience but still havent caught up on sleep since then. Did not display much self control tonight with my food choices - perhaps the fries - not such a good idea, but after eating well all week found that i didnt really enjoy them either so hopefully its a lesson for me - NO COMFORT EATING! Glad its the weekend and that I may get some sleep!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friend Making Monday

1) What is your favorite part of an average day? 0730 am wide awake but still have half an hour before work - good time to relax 2) Is there one food that you eat every single day? I drink coffee every single day - does that count 3) Are you an early bird, or do you prefer to sleep in late? Early Bird - the latest I'll sleep in is 8am 4) Share one thing that you're looking forward to doing this week? Pay day (Thursday) I love paying my bills then seeing how much I can save this fortnight. 5) What's for dinner this evening? Chicken in lemon and garlic grilled with brown rice and veges yum (i discovered i love brown rice!)

Day 2

Started the day well with a good breakfast, was pretty busy at work so didnt even think about food again until about 1pm had steamed veges and tuna, was quite nice actually! Dinner of chicken and rice. Keeping up te fluids lots of water - they say thats the secret! The exercise part - thats what i need to get sorted now, i feel so tired after work, all i want to do is lie down and watch some tv! Feel like i could have lost weight already, haha but holding strong - wont be checking my weight until Monday!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 1 Weight 123.3kg Kilograms to lose 55.3kg

Its Day one, I decided its time to take the bull by the horns and actually do something about my weight, not just think about it!

Step 1 : Exercise more

Step 2: Eat right

I started today by actually eating breakfast! Yes, I was one of those people that doesnt eat breakfast - Kellogs special K, although perhaps not the healthiest option I figure its probably going to be better than not havig breakfast and eating rubbish later.

I ordered the zumba dvds online (good start) But was sick most of the day (migraine) so didnt really get much exercise today... well none really, although had a pretty healthy day with steamed veges and grilled lamb for dinner and then a couple of situps on the lounge room floor - dont remember them being that hard!


Today is the day I finally decided that I am going to get on top of this thing, the thing that controls my life every day, this thing - my weight which stops me from living the life I want. I have been overweight since I was about 7 or 8, Im not sure how my problem with eating started but my mum tells me that at about the age of 7 I started to sneak food from the kitchen and over time began to pile on the weight - I feel for my parents because I dont think they knew what to do or how to handle this situation. When I left highschool I was about 90kg, by the time I finished university I was 128kg, this was the time I first went to weight watchers after the insitance of my mum - she came with me the first time and stayed with me for the meeting I can remember being close to tears and dying of embarrassment. I went for a few weeks alone and then found a friend that wanted to go and we went together - I lost 15kg over the next few months and started to get comments that I was looking good . Shortly after I moved across the Tasman to Australia to start my nursing career, over the next 2 years the weight piled on again until I was about 130kg in Ocober 2010. I met a man at that time who made me feel good about myself the weight didnt seem to bother him and in between spending time with him and unconsciously exercising more and eating a bit better and not even thiking about my weight I lost 11kg in 3 weeks - I thought how was that so easy! I kept it off for a few months - but after the relationship ended and I moved towns and jobs I have again found that Im starting to pile on the kilos again. I have decided enough is enough. I want to live a happy and healthy life and not have to worry about whether perhaps the aeroplane seat belt might not fit this time or that my weight might be too high to go horse riding or to do some of the things I love. I have not been a normal weight since I was 7, I am now 25, So my aim in this is to be under 100kg by the end of this year and then my goal weight of 68kg in 2 years, I have started this blog to at least make myself accountable to someone, I will post my weight once a week on Mondays and plan to post a photo once a month to show my progress. I welcome any positive comments and ideas.